Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

It's Halloween here in Fremont and we're all geared up for a weekend of unhaunted houses, trunk-or-treating and family togetherness! This year, Natalie is Cleopatra...she really wanted to be Hatshepsut--the only woman pharaoh of Egypt--but she decided that not too many people would know who Hatshepsut was, so Cleopatra seemed like the next best costume! Max is a Fire Dragon Ninja complete with daggers (he plays the part so well). Madeline is a Renaissance Princess who curtsies and walks her pet dragon on a leash.

Natalie's Joke
Q: Why are skeletons so smart?
A: Because they go to skull!

Max's Halloween Joke
Q: Why aren't vampires afraid of the dark?
A: Because they sleep with a fright-light on!

Madeline's Joke
Q: What did the ghost say when it stubbed its toe?
A: Boo-hoo!

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House of Tong said...

Love the Harry Potter and Waldo costumes especially!!! xoxo, Tiff