Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Christmas letter-writing time, already?

Janine: Alright, gang! We really need to write our Christmas letter tonight...since it needs to be sent out before Christmas. I would like us to increase our family unity by writing it together this year!

Natalie: I want to help!

Madeline: Me, too!

Janine: You can both help. I will certainly need your help....let's see, where is Max?

Madeline: He's playing Legos again.

Natalie: He's always playing Legos.

Madeline: What about Daddy, don't you want his help?

Janine: Hmmmm...let me think about that for a minute. :)

Abe: You can just put the same thing down for me as you put last year.

Janine: Well, you are still in school...but you did get a new job.

Abe: Actually, I am almost done with school. Don't mention that I got laid off, though. Just write in the letter that I got an even better job at Dolby, applying software engineering and statistics in video and audio research. Come to think of it, you also got a new job this year.

Janine: Right! I will say that in August, I started working for Connecting Waters Charter School as an Education Specialist--I love my job providing guidance and resources for local homeschooling families!

Abe: Now, time for some humor! I want our letter to be funny, not boring like last year's. Why don't we do a theme like the 'Twas The Night Before Christmas?

Janine: Taken. Another family did that last year.

Abe: Okay. No themed letters. If it is going to be funny, I want it to be totally different. Like, how we write a letter where the whole time we talk about how we really want to be funny, but we don't know what to say that is funny, so we tell about how if we knew something funny to write, we would write it!

Janine: That's not funny. Max, where are you? You need to come here right now! We need your help writing this letter!

Abe: That's the point. It's not funny. That's why it is funny.

Janine: Hilarious.

Natalie: I can tell one of the jokes I made up, like: What's a monster's favorite part of Christmas?

Madeline: What?

Natalie: Santa Claws!

Janine: Now that is funny. Max, there you are!

Max: Hey, Mom! Look--I built this Lego robot that's also a tree.

Janine: Fabulous, Max! What do you want us to say about you in the letter?

Max: Dad, the robot is using photosynthesis to power its laser cannon.

Abe: That's great, Max! I can see he is very powerful...

Janine: We should write something about the kids.

Abe: What kids? ...oh, yes, of course--the kids! Kids, why don't you each think of a few titles that best represent you for our Christmas letter.

Natalie: I'm ready! Artist. Singer. Lego Builder. Dog Lover. Can I go work on my Lego house now?

Janine: Sure.

Max: Hey, that's not fair...I want to put Legos on my list!

Abe: It's okay, Max. Other people can like Legos, too.

Madeline: Is it my turn? Swimmer. Chicken Trainer. Hiker. Legos.

Max: What? You can't train chickens!

Madeline: Sure I can! I trained the rooster to stop pecking the kids at Peace Village.

Max: Finally, it's my turn! Lego Fanatic. Dancer. Reader. Cat Lover.

Janine: See, you, Natalie and Madeline can all have Legos on your list!

Max: Mommy, I'm hungry...

Abe: So what do we have down for our letter so far?

Janine: Dear Friends and Family, This year the Westons are so grateful for all of the blessings that we have received from our Heavenly Father. We began the year by...

Abe: Is that supposed to be funny?

Janine: No. We are going to make it serious again this year. Now, where was I...too many interruptions! We began the year by...what are you wearing?

Abe: You mean this sweater?

Janine: It's a pink women's Christmas sweater...and it has bows on it! It's embarrassing when you wear that...

Abe: I'm trying to get some inspiration to write our holiday, it also just happens to be the winner of the "2010 Fremont Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition."

Janine: Very ugly. And I don't want to encourage this behavior by bragging about your winnings in our letter!

Abe: Okay, sounds like we have enough content--let's go to bed!

Janine: We should probably put in something about celebrating the birth of our Savior in the letter, as that's what Christmas is all about.

Abe: Good idea, then our friends and family will know that we love Jesus Christ and that we make an extra effort to focus on him during Christmas.

Janine: You mean, rather than trying to come up with a funny letter?

Madeline: Merry Christmas!

Max: Happy New Year!

Natalie: Happy Hanukkah!

Janine: Happy Kwanzaa!

Abe: Happy Holidays!


Abe, Janine, Natalie, Max, & Madeline
Rosie (dog), Sammy (dog), & Friday (cat)


Beck Family said...

I loved it! What a fun way to catch us all up . . that sweater is pretty awesome!! We will miss your family so much! Happy Holidays to you!

Unknown said...

Hey Abe
Wish you and your family happy holidays....


Ben and Ashley said...

That was awesome!

House of Tong said...

hahahahahaha Love it!!!!