Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

It's Halloween here in Fremont and we're all geared up for a weekend of unhaunted houses, trunk-or-treating and family togetherness! This year, Natalie is Cleopatra...she really wanted to be Hatshepsut--the only woman pharaoh of Egypt--but she decided that not too many people would know who Hatshepsut was, so Cleopatra seemed like the next best costume! Max is a Fire Dragon Ninja complete with daggers (he plays the part so well). Madeline is a Renaissance Princess who curtsies and walks her pet dragon on a leash.

Natalie's Joke
Q: Why are skeletons so smart?
A: Because they go to skull!

Max's Halloween Joke
Q: Why aren't vampires afraid of the dark?
A: Because they sleep with a fright-light on!

Madeline's Joke
Q: What did the ghost say when it stubbed its toe?
A: Boo-hoo!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuart's Great Adventure: Meeting King Tut by Natalie

Chapter 1: Bored
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Stuart. And Stuart had just moved down the street. Stuart was very bored on his new street. He was also very worried. What if he didn't make any friends at school? What if there were huge monsters in his new bedroom closet?

Stuart looked out the window. "Aw man, I am so bored. I have nothing to look forward to."

"School's tomorrow," mom said. "That's something to look forward to."

"No," Stuart said. "I want an adventure! If I were Power Tool Man, I would put on my cape and go on an adventure. And if I were Time Travel Man, I would get in my time machine and...Yes! That's it!" Stuart shouted. "I will make a cape and time machine and go on an adventure!"

Chapter 2: Time Machine
"Dad? Can I borrow your tools?" Stuart asked.

"Wait until you're older," dad said.

"But Dad, I'm making a time machine!" said Stuart.

"Tell you what," dad said. "Why don't you make a time machine out of your closet?"

"Okay. Thanks, Dad. Bye!" said Stuart.

Suddenly, the phone rang. "Stuart!" mom called. "It's for you!"

Stuart ran downstairs into the den.

"Hello?" Stuart said.

"Hello," said a deep voice back.

"Who are you?" Stuart asked.

"I am King Tutankhamen of Egypt," the deep voice answered. "Who are you?"

"My name is Stuart," Stuart said.

"Well, Stuart. Go into your time machine and press this stone on the wall of your time machine. Then, say 'Egypt.'"

A stone popped out of the phone. It was green and smooth. Stuart did exactly what Pharaoh Tutankhamen said and at once he was in Egypt. "Now, Stuart, turn right and you will be at my palace. I need to talk to you in person," the Pharaoh said.

When Stuart got to King Tut's palace, King Tut was waiting for him. Tut and Stuart talked for many hours. When Stuart got home it was dinner time. And Stuart lived happily ever after.

The End

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Un-Back-to-School Picture!

Here is the kiddos' un-back-to-school picture for our 2010-2011 homeschool year. Natalie is in 3rd grade this year, Max is in first and Madeline in "pre-school."
We take an "eclectic" approach to homeschooling through Connecting Waters Charter School where, this year, I hold a part-time position as an "Education Specialist." Essentially, I assist other homeschooling families in selecting and purchasing curriculums and classes based on the individual learning styles of each student and their family educational philosophy. Although it is plenty busy around the Weston household, I do what I love and love what I do!

4-H Heroes Rescue Four Kittens!

Today was our first Bayside 4-H Hiking project meeting at the Alameda Creek Trail and boy, what an adventure we had!

We were walking down the trail and all of a sudden, we spotted a small orange kitten sitting at the side of the trail. Then, we noticed there were three more kittens on the other side of the fence! There was 1 more orange kitten, 1 white and orange and 1 calico. They were mewing and did not have a mother cat with them.

One of our brave project members climbed over the fence alongside the trail and caught the kittens. We bundled the kittens in our sweaters and jackets and carried them across the concrete bridge toward some apartments.

Then we asked a man for a cardboard box to put the kittens in.

We finished our hike while taking turns carrying a box full of kittens.

When we got to the parkinglot, we took the kittens out of the box for some air.

The project members said goodbye to each kitten and then we took them to a neighbor who volunteers for Purrfect Cat Rescue.

Our neighbor examined the kittens and told us that they were not ferral, but must have been dumped at the park. She noticed that the kittens had fleas and would need baths. She said that because they had such cute markings, they would be easy to adopt.

The kittens were eager to get out of the temporary crate we put them in. They were pawing and biting at the door!

Our neighbor set up a larger crate and prepared food and water for the kittens. They must have been starving!

The kittens were so eager to eat and drink that they even climbed into the bowls.

We are glad that we helped to rescue these adorable kittens. We donated money to Purrfect Cat Rescue to pay for food and spaying/neutering. We hope that you will, too!

You can make a donation online to help these kittens at:
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