Monday, August 16, 2010

Sammy and the Sewer by Natalie M. Weston

Chapter 1: The Hole
Once upon a time, there was a dog named Sammy. And Sammy loved to catch gophers. One day, Sammy found a mysterious round hole. The hole had no dirt around it, so Sammy put some there. On his third load, Sammy got too close and fell into the hole. "Help!" Sammy barked.

Chapter 2: The Rat
"Yuck!" Sammy said as he fell down the hole. "It stinks down here! And, oh, how will I get home?"
"Home?" asked a rat nearby.
"What are you?" asked Sammy. "A gopher from outer space?"
"No!" said the rat. "I'm a rat! And what are you?" asked the rat.
"Why, I am a dog," said Sammy. "Would you please show me a way out of here?"
"No!" snapped the rat. "Go and find your own way out."

Chapter 3: The Ocean
"Rats!" thought Sammy. "How will I ever get home now?"
Suddenly he spotted a female rat close by.
"Excuse me," he said. "Do you know the way out of here?"
"Of course I do," she said. "Every sewer rat knows that."
"Sewer?" asked Sammy. "Nobody ever told me this was the sewer!"
"Yes," said the female rat. "This is the sewer, and anyway, the exit is that way." She pointed to a small hole.
"Thank you," said Sammy.
"You're welcome," she said. "But you'll have to swim."
"Why?" asked Sammy.
"Because the ocean is on the other side," she explained.
"Oh," Sammy said.

Chapter 4: Home at Last
In the ocean, Sammy swam through the current, his breath held tight. At last he reached land. Then he climbed out of the water and shook himself. "Finally!" he thought, breathing fresh air. "Now all I have to do is sniff my way home." So he sniffed here and he sniffed there and soon he reached his home where he belonged. Then he raced through the doggie door into the living room and out the screen door and barked, "Home at last!" Then he caught all the gophers he wanted.

The End

Sammy--the inspiration behind the book.

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