Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally...Robotic Beings Rule the World

Although we won't be taking the summer off of learning, here are the kiddos on Friday, May 14th, their last official day of "school" for the Connecting Waters Charter School year. We celebrated with many other CWCS families from the East Bay area at Val Vista Community Park in Pleasanton...the kids got so wet and had a blast navigating the sprinklers and streams together!
I just love Max's graphic-novel-style journal entries! "Finally, robotic beings rule the world." For a child who is just learning to master the fine-motor skills required for writing, his cartoons and speech bubbles that take so much effort for him to create, are so meaningful to me.
Without any prompting from me, Natalie documented our earthworm science experience complete with diagrams and her very own signature made out of earthworms. Natalie often uses her journal to create her own poems and songs accompanied by illustrations. It's delightful to see my kids excited about learning and communicating their newfound knowledge with others!
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