Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peace Village--more than just an afternoon on the farm!

I've been told that for the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont is rather "rural" as cities go around here...rural? I try to avoid driving around Fremont in the evenings and on weekends because I can't stand the traffic on the streets and the crowds at the shopping centers! Rural it may be in comparison to San Jose, Oakland or San Francisco, but Fremont is still a bustling suburb of the East Bay! Although I would prefer to live far out in the country, where traffic is unheard of and cows dotting the rolling green hills is a commonality, I have found pockets of peace and calm in my neighborhood where my kids and I find refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area.--Peace Village is one such place.

On a weekly basis, my three children attend "Afternoon On the Farm" at Peace Village where they are free to work and play on an urban farm. This backyard barnyard sports fresh air, an organic garden, greenhouse, classrooms inside a historic red barn, wild vegetation, rabbits, chickens and goats--Peace Village is a haven for children who have enough concrete and steel playgrounds in their lives.

As a homeschooling parent, what I appreciate most about Peace Village is that while my children are benefiting from extended hours of enrichment, I am able to have some time to myself--a precious commodity these days! While I am recharging my batteries, worry-free, my kids are able to engage in interactive-play with other children while immersed in the highly-sensory farm environment. They play games, clean animal pens, do crafts, pet the goats, create forts amidst the trees, cook from the garden, hold the rabbits, plant seeds, feed the chickens and enjoy the sunshine. The staff at Peace Village are kind, creative and sensitive to the needs of young children. They serve as positive role-models and mentors while facilitating self-discovery experiences for young visitors.

With sparkling eyes full of wonder, broad smiles for new friends and squeals of excitement, my children delight in Peace Village.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for this review. It looks like the children have a lot of fun.