Saturday, October 2, 2010

Un-Back-to-School Picture!

Here is the kiddos' un-back-to-school picture for our 2010-2011 homeschool year. Natalie is in 3rd grade this year, Max is in first and Madeline in "pre-school."
We take an "eclectic" approach to homeschooling through Connecting Waters Charter School where, this year, I hold a part-time position as an "Education Specialist." Essentially, I assist other homeschooling families in selecting and purchasing curriculums and classes based on the individual learning styles of each student and their family educational philosophy. Although it is plenty busy around the Weston household, I do what I love and love what I do!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Janine! They're all getting so big! They're adorable. I almost bought that shirt at Target! I love it! I'll have to go back and get it now because when I see it on your kids it makes me want it even more. Glad you're lovin' life! You're a wonderful mom! Miss you!