Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handprint Spiders!

Today we made some festive t-shirts and treat bags with a spider theme. As we have been learning about spiders on our fieldtrips, I thought it would be fun to incorporate our newfound knowledge into a craft project for the kids. Nothing like spiders to help get us into the Halloween spirit!

Last week, Michaels was having a special on t-shirts--5 shirts for $10--so I picked up the shirts, neon-orange fabric paint, eyeballs, fabric glue, and 3 treat-sized black bags.

We used a foam paintbrush to coat their palms and four fingers, leaving their thumbs unpainted and then stamped each hand to make the spiders. When the paint was dry, we added eyeballs. Max gave his spiders 8 eyeballs each; our other spiders sported multiple eyes as well.

The kids had a blast getting their hands painted orange and making spider prints all over the shirts...and they can't wait to wear them!
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Salcido said...

love it! you are so creative and fun!

Anonymous said...

Those shirts are stinkin' cute! Love the idea. Looks like the kids had a blst!