Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Weston Family 2017: POP QUIZ!

It must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things, 2 Ne. 2:11.
DIRECTIONS: Match each TRIAL with its corresponding BLESSING.

  1. Due to health challenges, Abe chose to remove all inflammatory foods from his diet.
  2. We returned sweet Kiko, the puppy we co-raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind, back to headquarters in San Rafael for evaluation and further training.
  3. Barbary Grant took a sabbatical after 10 years of conducting the kids’ East Bay Homeschool Choir.
  4. Our beloved 14-year-old Labrador Retriever, Rosie, passed away.
  5. The tenants above the rental condo flooded our downstairs unit. Twice.
  6. As a family, we cumulatively logged hundreds of hours of auditions, carpooling, rehearsals, and volunteering with StarStruck Theatre.
  7. Grandpa Dana’s brain cancer returned--it was back to UCLA again for surgery followed by another long road of recovery.
  8. New Haven Unified School District denied our Charter Petition for an East Bay Connecting Waters school.
  9. Due to excessive rain and damage to trails in the spring, Madeline, Janine, and friends weren’t able to hike the 30-mile Ohlone Wilderness Trail from Livermore to Fremont.
  10. The opossums, hawks, and raccoons created losses for Little Red Hen Ranch.
  11. For 3 days, Natalie & Janine pushed handcarts over 15 miles in 90+-degree heat.
  12. Chemistry.
  13. Max attended middle school for 2 weeks of his tweenage life.
  14. We couldn’t use the heater this winter due to a mouse infestation in the ductwork.

  1. As a culmination to the semester, she arranged for the kids to record their winter show for TV at the Studio 32 MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto!
  2. We prioritized many visits to Southern California to provide support, love, and puppy kisses!
  3. We got a cozy electric fireplace to warm our hearts and souls!
  4. An aunt with a PhD in this subject ROCKS!
  5. After earning straight As, he concluded homeschooling suited him better and recommitted himself to excellence in education!
  6. Grain-free veganism is not so bad after all!
  7. Nothing like a good ol’ pioneer experience to learn gratitude for little things!
  8. With room at the inn, we traveled to New England to bring home a feisty, canine member to our family: Connemara Terrier, Lucy June!
  9. 10 months later, we were honored to attend Kiko’s Dogs 4 Diabetics graduation as Katie’s medical alert assistance dog!
  10. We had always wanted to remodel the kitchen--thank you Farmer’s Insurance!
  11. All three kids performed in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Natalie played Lucy) and we’re currently preparing for James and the Giant Peach!
  12. The seven savages completed the 14-hour trek on one November day instead!
  13. Alameda County chartered Connecting Waters, East Bay and we secured a site for our resource center!
  14. Despite the overhead expenses, the kids still made a profit!

They taste the bitter, that they may know to prize the good, Moses 6:55.
Answers: 1=F, 2=I, 3=A, 4=H, 5=J, 6=K, 7=B, 8=M, 9=L, 10=N, 11=G, 12=D, 13=E, 14=C

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